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Inspired by authentic recipes, we bring exciting flavors of Korean cuisine into your home.

Korean Cuisine

Korean cuisine is characterized by a great variety of dishes. Often, there are many different basic ingredients combined with each other. Very important is chili in different variations, soy sauce or soybean paste.

Probably the most internationally known dish from Korea is kimchi. With over 200 variations, the diversity is also reflected here. In Korea, you can even find refrigerators specially designed for kimchi.

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Gyoza & MANDU Preparation

At the beginning, a dough is made, which tightly encloses the filling. This dough is rolled out very thinly, and then circles fare cut out for the gyoza. Now comes the filling. There are many variations for the filling with or without meat. The last step is to close the gyoza. Since the dough is elastic, you can use different folding techniques. Our gyoza are folded classically. 

What makes them special

Due to the combination of dough and filling, there is an infinite number of possible combinations. Especially the filling varies depending on the region or family recipe. 

The preparation methods also offer many possibilities: baked, pan-fried, steamed or boiled.